Arsenal Firearms launches 2 new products at Shot Show 2014

January 14, 2014 07:49 - news

AF2011-A1 Second Century .38 Super Auto

The already amazingly popular AF2011-A1 Second Century .45 ACP double barrel pistol has a new born sister: the .38 Super Auto new chambering for fast, biting and extremely accurate double shooting. The new chambering, due to the reduced bullet weight in comparison with .45 ACP, demands and allows the use of 8 pounds double recoil springs, thus enabling much easier slide racking and general gun operations. Total felt recoil and muzzle jump of the gun is also considerably reduced in comparison with the double .45, while target accuracy becomes even more stunning than the .45 ACP. This is due to the diminished muzzle blast produced by the 9mm bullets in the twin 5" barrels, which even when exiting the muzzles at slightly different times, affect each other trajectories less significantly that the twin .45 bullets. The AF2011- A1 Second Century .38 Super Auto faces the world market truly as a competition gun for a potential new competition discipline, where enhanced metallic silhouette knock down power and paper hit count would make the difference. The new AF2011-A1 .38 Super Auto will be available to the world market starting from Spring 2014, in the already popular black and stainless finishes, with both fixed and adjustable sights. Prices will be the same as per the .45 versions.


The Strike One, already globally acclaimed as the most revolutionary and performing hammerless pistol of all times, becomes industrially available with the integral (machined from solid) Ergal 7075 aircracft aluminum alloy frame. This already announced product has finally come to industrial readiness after 2 years or research in the field of high performing aerospace materials: the choice was to establish industrial production our of Ergal 7075, a lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy which can only be machined from forged billets. The result of combining an already extremely accurate and tight tolerance upper with a clockwork, swiss watch lower mechanism and frame is truly shocking: the Ergal Strike One is capable of 3 inch groups at 100 yards (machine rest with laser device pointer) out of the standard 5 inch barrel. This value outperforms by far any other hammerless pistol accuracy standard, turning the Ergal Strike One the most accurate service and competition hammerless pistol of all times. The gun will be available in different anodized Electro Colours (aesthetic finishes, such as Cobalt Blue, Burgundy or Silver) or high tech Hard Anodized finishes, impervious to rough use and extreme environmental conditions (such as Black, Gray or Bronze). The latter versions are also ideal for Special Forces uses, where extreme weather conditions will not affect a continuing maximum accuracy and reliability of the gun. The Ergal Strike One will be available to the world markets from fall 2014 in limited quantities, for the very selective competition shooter and collector alike, at a street price in the 3.000 € class (4.000 USD).