Our Story

    The Arsenal Firearms Group of Companies is a new born, yet comes a long way. But as a matter of fact, it truly “happened” one day of a few years ago, as the two founders of the group and creators of the line of products met on an exhibition show floor. Although not clear then, that was the start: shortly after that day, the 30 years experience as a gun writer and gun designer Nicola Bandini and the knowledge and 30 years passion of gun collector and gun miniature master Dimitry Streshinskiy merged, to vision a common path of true innovation in the gun industry. The Arsenal Firearms Group was officially founded, becoming operative and fully licensed in various Countries during 2011. But it was during a hot summer night, that a strong and encouraging call from Dimitry’s wife Suzana, made way for the true turning point of our enthralling development. And after months of intense work, the world debut of both the group of companies and product lines took to the stage on March the 9th, 2012.

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