Technical Specs
    • TYPE: geometric lock, semiautomatic hammerless pistol
    • ACTION: short recoil, in line barrel, patented locking block system
    • CALIBERS: 9x19 Para, 9x21 IMI, .357 SIG, .40 S&W
    • TRIGGER: automatic safety, Safe Action only
    • SAFETIES: single arc trigger safety, with firing pin automatic safety
    • MAGAZINE: with ambidextrous push-button release, 17 rounds, staggered (9) 13 rounds (.40 S&W-.357 SIG)
    • FRAME: reinforced polymer or Ergal light alloy
    • SLIDE: with front and rear cocking panels, rebateding. Milled, 10% lighter slide on the Speed model.
    • SIgHTS: interchangeable back plate/sight, (fixed or adjustable Speed) or Micro-Dot ready
    • TOTAL LENgHT: 210 mm
    • bARREL LENgHT: 127 mm
    • TOTAL HEIGHT: 143 mm
    • TOTAL wIdTH: 33 mm (all versions)
    • TOTAL wEIgHT (POLYMEr): 750 Grs.
    • TOTAL wEIgHT (ErgAL): 890 Grs.
    • SPECIAL fEATurES: frame bears 360° integral beve- led magazine well, underbarrel integral Picatinny rail. The pistol comes with dedicated security lock con- toured foam case, double magazine, with gun oil and complete cleaning kit, User’s Manual and internatio- nal 1 year Warranty.
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      AF-1 Strike One Speed™

      New for 2015, adding by huge demand from the sport shooting disciplines community to the line of standard Service Pistols, Arsenal Firearms is proudly introducing the Strike One Speed. Lighter slide, 5 inch-flat, IPSC compliant SUS416 Stainless Steel barrel with 11° muzzle crown, adjustable front and back fiber optic premier sights, the Strike One Speed is already winning international IPSC and IDPA competitions worldwide. A variety of dedicated oversized components will be made available to the shooting community during 2015. The new Production Pistol world standard to beat is finally here.

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