Technical Specs
    • TYPE: Single Action Single Shot
    • ACTION: Break-open, eclipsing block
    • CALIBERS: 5,6x52r, 6,5x57r, .357 rem. Mag., .375 Win., .44. rem. Mag., .444 Marlin, .45-70 Govt., .500 S&W., Magnum
    • TRIGGER: 1911-style, Single Action only
    • SAFETIES: 1911-style side lever safety, grip safety, half-cock hammer safety, slam-fire crossbar safety on the barrel
    • MAGAZINE: none, single shot manual feeding only
    • FRAME: 1911, steel single stack magazine cavity
    • SLIDE: none, substituted by barrel coupling cradle
    • SIgHTS: none, equipped with integral Weaver specs barrel, steel rail for scope mount
    • TOTAL LENgHT: 380 mm
    • bARREL LENgHT: 355 mm (14 inch)
    • TOTAL wEIgHT: 2.1 Kg (fluted, bull barrel); 2.0 (octagonal tapering barrel, custom Europa model)
    • SPECIAL fEATurES: the gun comes with steel Warne rapid mount rings, cleaning kit, User Manual and 1 year Global Warranty. Barrel only fluted and ported (brake-compensator) for both Black and Stainless versions.
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      Designed in the early Nineties by Nicola Bandini, one of the cofounders and CEO of Arsenal Firearms, the Rapax was introduced in the USA at the turn of the Century under the name of Tanfoglio Thor and as a global product as Tanfoglio Raptor. Based on a standard 1911 .45 steel frame carrying an integral, button rifled high quality barrel coupled with the help of an extremely strong cradle (acting like a “slide” on the 1911 frame) the newly named Rapax comes to a second life with Arsenal Firearms.
      This gun is finally available in the USA again, after it reached unprecedented long range and hunting heights in the hands of a number of extraordinary shooters: one for all, US proud specialty pistol master Ernie Bishop, who proved groups under one inch at 600 yards, with the incredible 100 years old European 6,5x57R caliber.
      The Rapax is also the most powerful and strongest locking design ever developed in a pistol: on a number of occasions, in different calibers, a few samples of this gun have been tested for destruction at the Italian National Proof House, without success: in particular, the Rapax .45-70 Government can be handloaded to velocities of 2400 Fps (300 grains bullets) producing a hunting package equal to a 22 inch .458 Winchester Magnum rifle.
      The Rapax is also a perfect platform for the hunter and long range shooter alike: it allows barrel and caliber substitution in the field, without the use of tools, in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to the dedicated black or woodland camo Cordura® specialty holsters and spare barrel carrying pouches, the hunter can be out of camp for days, resting assured to bag any game from varmints to grizzly bears.
      A wide variety of dedicated accessories is also available for the Rapax: from the much needed Ballistic Gloves, to the Wrist Ammo Carriers, to holster, security cases and luxury cases. Finally, the AFR Rapax can be also ordered as the refined, old style reminiscent version Rapax Europa: octagonal tapering barrel, stone mirror finish and custom gold inlay and engravings.

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